Cotto: handmade cotto flooring manufactured in the Treviso area. Not only cotto, but also cotto and stone.

We produce cotto and wood pre-treated before the installation. Installation and application  of cotto flooring.Very tough handmade cotto! Hard surfaces are easier to clean.

REMEMBER: THE MAIN FEATURE OF COTTO IS GIVEN BY THE CLAY USED and not by the shape, the processing or the firing technique. Every kiln uses different types of soil; therefore every cotto has different features.

Our colleagues and our customers know that, since the Seventies, we have presented our cotto flooring with particular attention and pride to the market, to CERSAIE and to the specialized press.


Natural flooring, not harmful to the health, for green building and energy saving. All of them are patented and are protected by trademarks. Our production, of a high technical and artistic level, has become famous because of the features of our clays: their colours (filtered clay), the handmade compression of the pieces and the 15-day wood firing. As references, we have installed lots of our products in villas, country and rural houses and cultural heritage buildings in Italy.

It is a flooring for nature lovers: it is a living flooring! Treated without protective coatings, it does not stain and its beauty grows day by day. There is no need to plaster, sandpaper or level out. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE THIN.

Terre Dorate

Terre Dorate

Made with pure clay extracted from underground, hand made and then wood fired at 1050°.
We proudly received the Enea certification as best cotto for the very low radioactivity,
even lower than the minimum standards set by the EC, and has the certification: Ultra Low Radioactivity.

Tavelle del Veneto

Tavelle del Veneto

Tavelle del Veneto - Handmade cotto: Enea certification of non-radioactivity, modern, classic and country style finishings available.