Natural flooring and coating also 1- 1,5 cm thick; other sizes on request. Custom-made coatings for bathrooms.

We offer high quality natural stone flooring.
A wide selection of rare stones, stones for architecture, stones for art and sculpture.

The flooring and  natural coating are a byword for elegance and sophistication.

In our list we have outdoor flooring, agglomerated flooring, antifreeze flooring and  floating flooring. In addition to the most popular marbles, such as Trani, Botticino, Perlino, Rosa Asiago, Prun Stone, Travertino, Istria Stone, Biancone, Rosso Verona marble, "MARBLE MOSAICS", antiqued marbles and stones, we also offer, as an alternative, PIETRA CANOVA, also for ventilated walls, indoor and outdoor flooring.

When we talk about stones and marbles, we are talking about nature, and we have to protect it! But probably we are sometimes not aware of that. Every day, we select the best, for furnishing, villas, palaces, historical buildings.

We are talking about PIETRE CANOVA, suitable for classic and modern design, for indoor and outdoor renovation.

In our opinion, PIETRE CANOVA are better than other stones and marbles or Venetian floors because of their light, warm, neutral, matt colours, (non-slip if laid outdoors) and also their technical features, superior to other products, such as Biancone, etc.

It is well known: natural materials are less polluting than the industrial ones, sometimes they are even pollutant free.


Let's choose health instead of harmful materials!

Our company does only pursue business interests: we above all promote well-being!

We have various types of stones and marbles, also with thin thickness for underfloor heating. We cannot show everything in this website: specially because natural materials must be seen with your own eyes!


Ideas and projects of particular natural stone flooring and coatings, for the whole house, from the bathroom to the living room and for outdoors.

Also for stone and Cotto, stone and wood and flooring installation.
Stone flooring: a byword for elegance and sophistication.

Stones Canova

Stones Canova

It's an exclusive collection of natural limestones, but not only limestone, for class furnishing.
Soft, light colours, in different shades, such as white, ivory, grey and beige.