Antica Baviera with very big sizes: the boards can be up to 4 or 5 metres long, planed by hand and with various colours available. Before production there has to be planning! First the joint profiles are established, then, after the project approval, the manufacture for every single order gets started. It will be a floor which also decorates your house!

The story of the flooring is unique: it underwent a special process, organic and exactly identical to the natural one caused by light and time. In one word: solid. Comfortable, its elegance makes it sometimes sober and sometimes luxurious. It is always welcoming and beautiful, light resistant and very stable. Thanks to two layers of solid wood with a third one placed crosswise in the middle, it is a long-lasting product: a high quality flooring to be used with little furniture, loved by antiquarians... 


  • Limited edition of prefinished oak flooring.
  • Up to 5 metres long and 43 cm wide! Thickness: 16-21 cm
  • Oil or wax natural finish
  • It does not fade in the light
  • Planed by hand, like in the past
  • The product is identical to the sample
  • Different colours, from black to grey, and various golden shades
  • We can provide different finishes and colours
  • Suitable for different spaces. It decorates your interior!
  • Easily renewable
  • Unique and exclusive, thanks to the finish, colour and length!
  • Google "Antica Baviera": the press talked about it...

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