Sometimes it is difficult to make a choice and to understand what real quality is. Progress and industrialization have made us forget our cultural and historical roots.

A name which is expression of art and emotion!

From the experience of three generations, a product in different shapes, colours, thickness and finishes.

In our opinion, its famed beauty lies in its finish and its practicality. Scratches and other signs of wear can easily be removed. Sizes and formats are a secondary matter with this product!

Naturaviva brings back the atmosphere of past times: old houses, barns, the Veneto villas, like Villa Emo in Fanzolo, one of Palladio's masterpieces, and Villa Lion, now the head office of Centro Affari Veneto.


ALTERNATIVE OPTION: with underfloor heating, TERRE DORATE or PIETRE CANOVA are the best solutions because they are good heat conductors. Thin thickness available: 1 - 1.4 cm Thin thickness available: 1 - 1.4 cm


  • It complies with CE regulations EN 71.3
  • NATURAVIVA is the name of this high quality production of prefinished oak flooring.
  • Traditionally manufactured.
  • Different sizes, planks of 16 mm thick or solid from 14 to 21 mm.
  • Different manufacture and surface finish.
  • 40 colour range.
  • Planks can be of one or different widths, from 8 to 17 cm, medium length 200 cm.
  • Finished without stucco.
  • Suitable everywhere and resistant to intense trampling.
  • Clean with a wet cloth.
  • It is a living floor, made with the experience of 3 generations.

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