It is an exclusive production of Tavelle del Veneto, for floors to be applied in great wineries where fine wines are stored.

"Cantine Luisa" in Marano del Friuli (UD) is an example of the successful application of our creations in the whole complex. (NATURE WITH NATURE).

The main features are: very hard material which can also be left without treatment.

Totally stain-proof.           

Different  sizes, colours and finishing.

The quality of our service is also demonstrated by the availability of big formats

80 x 40 thick 2,5 cm.

54 x 36 thick 2,5 cm.

50 x 50 thick 2,5 cm.

50 x 33 thick 2,5 cm.

42 x 42 thick 2,5 cm.

rectangular, square and hexagonal tiles also available

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